Local travel agency sees fewer Chiefs fans booking trips to Super Bowl

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – From phones ringing off the hook to silence. A Wichita travel agent says the buzz surrounding the Super Bowl is quiet this go around.

Last year, when the Kansas City Chiefs were headed to the big game, travel agencies were booked.

Superfan Billie Gregg says when the Chiefs won the playoffs last year, she had to be at the big game. 

“I said I gotta go home and tell my husband, he’s gotta go get my tickets because he promised me if we ever go to the Super Bowl, I could go, so when I got home he was already home on the internet getting my tickets,” said Gregg. 

This year, Gregg said she is staying in Wichita because of COVID and the tickets are too high of a cost. 

Travel Junkie, a travel agency in Wichita, is booking more trips, but owner Jay Dill said it’s not for the Super Bowl. 

Dill said there were many fans who did not buy tickets to last year’s game but did buy tickets for the experience in Miami. He said the experience in Tampa won’t be the same because of COVID. 

“COVID shut down a lot of that you know the extracurricular stuff and the meet greets and all of that so if you don’t have the cheddar to drop on game tickets, its less attractive to go and just hang out,” said Dill. 

Fan Billie Gregg said it’s all about the experience. 

“I mean if I am going to spend that much money, I want to party afterward,” said Gregg. 

Gregg and Dill are already planning for 20-22 and expecting another Super Bowl appearance. 

“No doubt, I’ll be there,” said Gregg. 

“If they keep moving forward, I’ll keep finding the next host city and well have flights and hotels and tips and tricks for ya,” said Dill. 

Dill said people are itching to travel, he expects to get more calls next year, no matter the team.