July 21, 2024


Inspired By Travel

Preferred Hotels and Resorts Extends Technology Partnership with Amadeus to its Member Properties

Preferred Hotels & Resorts will now endorse Amadeus’ business intelligence and sales and catering solutions to member properties globally, providing access to industry-leading technologies as well as forward-looking data on average daily rate (ADR), bookings, and aggregated competitive insights that inform growth strategy.

Expansive and up-to-date data insights are essential to informing strategic decision-making for hoteliers, particularly as customer booking patterns and priorities shifted during the pandemic. Following a long period of uncertainty among travelers, it is more important than ever for hoteliers to meet new demand and expectations, a task made easier when equipped with the data and technology to do so effectively.

This is why Preferred Hotels & Resorts, with a portfolio of more than 650 hotels, resorts, and residences across 80 countries, is expanding its technology partnership with Amadeus. The independent hotel brand has issued an endorsement for Demand360®, Agency360+®, and Sales & Catering solutions, with additional recommendations for Amadeus’ Global Distribution System (GDS), Guest Management, and Service Optimization solutions.

“Our priority when looking for solutions was high-quality data that offers total visibility and actionable insights across our portfolio,” said Michael Osgood, Vice President of Alliance Partnerships, Preferred Hotels & Resorts. “Demand360® and Agency360+® provide a complete market view including retrospective and forward-looking performance data that can help our properties unlock potential opportunities. With a supporting suite of solutions, including sales and catering to streamline event management, hoteliers are empowered to make strategic decisions while improving operations and delivering a positive guest experience.”

“With travel rebounding across the globe, the hospitality landscape has grown increasingly competitive as hoteliers strive to meet customer expectations while simultaneously executing the best revenue and market growth strategies,” said Ilia Kostov, EVP & Chief Commercial Officer, Hospitality, Amadeus. “Our hospitality product suite, including Business Intelligence, Sales & Catering, Guest Management, and Service Optimization, offers member properties of brands such as Preferred Hotels & Resorts the tools it needs to drive profitable demand, increase operational efficiency, and improve their guest experience.”

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