June 16, 2024


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Sump & Stammer: Creating a sustainable future for generations to come


The roof top of our headquarters in Hamburg provides an undisturbed living area for bees and other insects in an urban area.

Sustainability is not just a buzzword. It’s something companies must fill with actions and individual activities to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Sustainability has many aspects and can be implemented in various branches of an industry. For us, sustainability was a central aspect when we designed and planned our new headquarters a few years ago.

Turning sunlight into electricity: Our photovoltaic plant

We can cover more than 20% of our yearly electric power consumption by using sunlight. Our photovoltaic system of 7.000 square meters is not just covering a notable part of our annual energy consumption but also helps us to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. Per year the company is saving up to 376.120 kg carbon dioxide emissions by operating the photovoltaic system at the plant.

Providing spaces for animal species in danger

In Germany there are more than 560 species of wild bees. According to WWF Germany half of them is threatened with extinction. That’s why our rooftop is more than just an ordinary rooftop. It’s a space where bees and insects can live undisturbed. On these 7.000 square meters, we have planted evening primrose. This is a plant which smell is very appealing to insects.

We are steadily challenging ourselves to create and implement steps that contribute to a sustainable future. For example, our refrigerating plant is powered by CO2 instead of Ammoniac which makes it a lot eco-friendlier. Plus, we have just added two charging points for the electric vehicles or our employees and business partners. No step or project is too small. In the end it all adds up and helps to create an environmentally sustainable future.

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