September 25, 2023


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This Travel Hack Will Save You Up to 20% on Train Trips in the U.S.


Passenger taking photos and waiting to board an Amtrak train, Los Angeles Union Station.

Passenger taking photos and waiting to board an Amtrak train, Los Angeles Union Station.

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If you’re not exactly in a hurry to get to your destination, but don’t want to drive yourself there, one of the best travel options is to hop aboard your nearest Amtrak train. A train ride will allow you to take a little time and meander through America, catching glimpses of its beauty along the way. And though train travel can take a little more time than flying or driving, it can prove to be both more rewarding and can actually end up being a more economic option as well — as long as you plan ahead.

To save a few bucks on your next train trip with Amtrak, the best thing you can do is book several weeks before your intended travel dates. The rail company tends to reward its most ahead-of-the-game passengers with discounts, including its Saver Fares, which typically offer a 20 percent discount on standard rates.

For example, right now, Amtrak is offering up to 20 percent off tickets from coast to coast, for those who book in advance. “Saver Fares are available on each route and customers can save up to 20 percent versus the standard Coach fare when booked at least seven days in advance,” an Amtrak spokesperson told Travel + Leisure.

Those routes include $29 one-way fares from Atlanta to New Orleans, $84 one-way fares from Chicago to Washington, DC, and even $123 one-way tickets all the way from New York City to Orlando. See all the Saver Fares options and available discounts here.

But hang on, because there’s one more train travel hack you need to keep in your back pocket.

Amtrak makes its discounts easy to find on its website here. On this page, railroad lovers will find information on which trips are offering up to 50 percent discounts, how to save on group travel, student discounts, friends and family discounts, California Everyday discounts, veteran discounts, and more. So, before you book your next train trip, make sure you check what deals you can score on the Deals and Saver Fares pages, because odds are there’s a way to save.


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