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Toronto Niagara Combo Tour {City Sightseeing Toronto}


Downtown Toronto Ontario

Post Last Modified – May 22, 2022

Toronto Niagara Combo Tour Review – City Sightseeing Toronto

On our short visit to the 🏙 City of Toronto while on our 🚆 Cross Canada Rail Journey, we enjoyed a wonderful Toronto Niagara Combo Tour with – 🚍 City Sightseeing Toronto.

A well established tour company in Toronto, with a solid reputation for customer satisfaction.

We selected their very popular 🎟 Toronto – Niagara Combo Tour Package, while enjoying our 3 night stay in the city.

What an excellent choice this was, for taking in all the cities major attractions, as well as experiencing the world renowned – 🌊 Niagara Falls in Ontario.

A Detailed Review Of Our Toronto Niagara Combo Tour

Niagara Falls

We definitely wanted to include a visit to 🌊 Niagara Falls during our short stay in Toronto.

As well, it would also give us a chance to see some of the countryside and other parts of the region, on this full day 🚍 bus tour.

Of Special Note


Reservations for a seat on this tour must be made in advance with 🏙 City Sightseeing Toronto. It is extremely popular as you can imagine, and 💺 seats are limited.

A Look At Our Combo Package Tour

City Sightseeing Toronto Tour Bus

This is a full day guided tour to Niagara Falls from downtown Toronto. Your tour does include 🏨 hotel pickup and drop off from downtown; hotels, hostels, Yonge-Dundas Square or Union Station.

Our pickup 🚌 shuttle driver greeted us at our hotel at 9:20 am, as previously arranged and we were then taken to our very comfortable and modern double-decker coach, to begin our tour.

It was after 7:30 pm by the time we arrived back to our 🏨 hotel, after this full day tour.

This bus was even equipped with a 🚻 restroom for passengers convenience!

Our guide/driver was absolutely amazing!

He was an absolute wealth of information during the entire journey to Niagara Falls, which takes about 2 hours, with a rest stop on the way.

Maple Leaf Place

Maple Leaf Place

This was our first stop, and was just before arriving to – 🌊 Niagara Falls. 🍁 Maple Leaf Place is a huge gift shop and there’s a small food court inside as well, to grab something to eat and/or take out.

Niagara Falls Decoration

Your driver will hand out a card that entitles you to receive discounts on purchases made at the 🏞 Niagara Parks Gift Shop and Food Court.

A nice brief stopover, with an excellent opportunity to purchase souvenirs and more at this location.

Discounted Attraction Tickets

Discount Tickets

City Sightseeing Toronto also offers the option to purchase discounted attraction 🎟 tickets at Niagara Falls. These include; 🛥 The Hornblower (seasonal), 🗼 Skylon Tower (seasonal) and 🚁 Niagara Helicopter tours.

You simply must experience 🛳 Hornblower Niagara Cruises on your visit.

Without a doubt, it is a 🛥 cruise alongside the Falls, that you will not experience anywhere else.

It was outstanding!😎


Niagara Falls Ontario


A short distance down the road, we entered the – City of Niagara Falls in the Province of Ontario.

This picturesque town is located on the western bank of the – Niagara River. It is situated in the “Golden Horseshoe” region of Southern Ontario. The population as of a few years ago, was just over 88,000.

Niagara Falls Photograph

Of course, the major attraction to the city is the spectacular – “Niagara Falls.”

Here, you have a full 2 hours to enjoy the Falls and Clifton Hill, one of the major tourist promenades in the City of Niagara Falls.

There’s plenty of time to take in the attractions, have a meal and just sit back, relax and enjoy the awesome scenery!


Niagara-on-the-Lake Home

After visiting and enjoying the Falls, it’s on to the quaint picturesque town – Niagara-on-the-Lake, less than a half hour drive away.

Niagara-on-the-Lake Residence

Sitting on the shores of Lake Ontario at the mouth of the Niagara River, this lovely town is known for 🍇 wineries and the summer 🎭 theatre productions.

You have a full hour to wander along its quaint beautifully 💐 flowered and treed streets, shops and restaurants.

Niagara On The Lake Floral Displays

Take a leisurely stroll just a few blocks away to the town’s – Waterfront Park. Take in the beautiful surrounding views and even get a birds eye view of – 🏙 Toronto’s skyline in the distance.

Toronto Skyline

As well, there’s historic 19th-century Fort George near the river bank. Built by the British to defend against American attack, it’s now a – 🏡 Heritage National Historic Site.

Historic Fort George

Several battles during the war of 1812, occurred at this historic site.

Fort George Gate

College of Wine, Beer & Distillery

Niagara Ontario Winery Tour

After a relaxing one hour in town and enjoying the towns very popular 🍦 Maple Walnut Ice Cream Cone purchased from one of the many shops, it was back on the 🚍 bus and off to our next location.

Our next stop was to a – 🏫 College of 🍷 Wine, 🍺 Beer & Distillery!

A unique one of a kind College, complete with their very own 🍇 vineyard used for wine production.

You have an opportunity to sample and purchase their very own wine and beer produced right at the College.

Final Thoughts Banner

This is an excellent full day tour, giving you an opportunity to see some of the sites surrounding Toronto proper and of course, Niagara Falls.

Our guide/driver was superb, hardly taking a moment to catch his breath the entire day!

He had so much information to share with us on the region, as well as the many places we visited on this tour.


City Sightseeing Toronto – Hop On Hop Off Double Decker City Tour

City Sightseeing Toronto Hop On Hop Off

The next day and which was part of our – Combo Package, we set out to see the sites and attractions the 🏙 City of Toronto had to offer.

Our 🎫 Hop On Hop Off Bus Ticket was good for 48 hours, from the time of validation.

A great bargain!

When we travel to new major cities around the world, the first thing we do, is look for a 🚌 Hop On Hop Off Tour Bus.

There’s no better way to see the major sites and attractions in a city at your leisure, then with these types of tours.

Toronto Hop On Hop Off Bus Stop Sign

Get off the bus anytime you like at any of the 🚏 20 stops they have along the route, and hop back on another bus when you’re ready to carry on.


City Sightseeing Toronto Tour Guide

On most buses, you’ll find a real tour guide. On some of the other buses, you can plug into their guided 🔊 audio tour.

Audio earplugs and guide 🗺 maps are provided and complimentary for your tour.

Hop On Hop Off Stops In Toronto With Your Toronto Niagara Combo Tour

Downtown Yonge Sign

Some major attractions along the way include stops at;

Younge-Dundas Square;
Eaton Center;
CN Tower;
Casa Loma;
Bata Shoe Museum;
Royal Ontario Museum;
Hockey Hall of Fame;
St. Lawrence Market;
The Distillery;
Railway Museum;
Queen’s Park and much more!

A few of the stops we enjoyed on our tour included;

The Distillery

The Distillery Toronto

Years ago, this site was once the home of the 🌎 world’s largest distillery. Now a popular place for both locals and tourists.

The Distillery Historic Buildings

Filled with; restaurants, galleries, boutiques and more, this is certainly a must 🛑 stop during your city tour.

The Distillery Toronto Ontario

Harbourfront Centre

Toronto Waterfront Skyline

Here, you’ll find; outdoor waterfront concerts, pedestrian promenade, restaurants, boat tours and more.

Spending time at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre is definitely not to be missed when visiting the city.

The Centre offers a year round Celebration of Arts with music, dance and venues galore!

Casa Loma

Casa Loma Toronto

This is a beautiful historic 🏠 home dating back to the early 1900’s. Once belonging to Sir Henry Pellatt, a very wealthy and prominent individual in the city, built this enormous castle style residence.

Casa Loma Home Toronto

Situated on 5 acres in a prestigious residential area of the city, this 98 room residence, complete with; 30 baths, secret passageways and tunnels, spectacular gardens and more, is simply amazing!

Be prepared to spend some time touring this attraction, as it is enormous!

Younge-Dundas Square

Yonge Street Square

This is a very popular and well known public square located in downtown Toronto.

Surrounded by shopping centers, restaurants and outdoor media displays, this is another excellent 🚏 stop, to spend some leisure time exploring on your own.

Historic Firehall Toronto

Your 🚍 Hop On Hop Off bus tour will take you along some of Toronto’s most – Iconic Streets. Along the way, you’ll have a chance to view some of the beautiful architecture and historic buildings in the city as well.

Toronto Architecture
Toronto Ontario Canada
Clock Tower Toronto

Harbour & Islands Cruise Included

Serendipity Princess Boat Tour

Your ticket also includes an excellent harbour and islands cruise, aboard the ⚓ Serendipity Princess.

Departing from Harbourfront Center, what a great opportunity to view the city and nearby canals and lagoons surrounding the tiny islands, situated just across from Toronto’s harbour.

On board, there’s a bar available where you can sit and enjoy a 🍺 beverage, as you cruise the harbour.

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Final Thoughts Banner

You simply can’t beat the outstanding – 💵 Value for your dollar, for what you receive with your; 🎟 Toronto-Niagara Combo Ticket. 🙂

For more detailed information on – City Sightseeing Toronto and all the excellent additional tours they offer, I’ve included a link below to their Official website for your convenience.

City Sightseeing Toronto Logo

🚌   City Sightseeing Toronto

As well, I’ve included the Official 🌸 Tourism in Ontario website link below. Their site is filled with everything you need, to start planning your travels to this beautiful Province in Eastern Canada.

ontario travel logo

🍁   Ontario Travel

Safe and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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Although our Toronto Niagara Combo Tour was in collaboration with City Sightseeing Toronto, rest assured all content and opinions are that of the author and reflect my personal experience only.

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