Who Is the TikTok Time Traveler? Creators Have Many Questions

Whether you like it or love it, TikTok has become the hub for all things entertainment. On the platform, you can find everything from cool dance trends to pet challenges for your fur babies, and even life hacks and funny videos to enjoy during your leisure time.

While people use the social media platform for different reasons, there’s no arguing that the app is filled with some weird and wacky creators. And the latest TikToker to leave viewers scratching their heads is the TikTok time traveler

Of course, time traveling is not a thing, but this creator is convinced that he is the chosen one. Here’s the 4-1-1 on the TikTok time traveler. 

Who is the TikTok time traveler?

We can all agree that the internet brings out a vast array of characters. And while many people use social media to laugh at themselves and have a good time, there is one TikToker who believes his own hype.

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tiktok time traveler

Source: TikTok

In case you missed it, a TikToker by the name of Javier is convinced that he is a time traveler. Through various videos on his page, he shows followers short clips from his city in Spain in which no other people appear.

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In fact, his bio reads, “My name is Javier and I am alone in the world.” While it’s easy to think that his page is strictly a cry for help, he truly believes that he is alone.

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In his videos, Javier also claims that he is a time traveler from the year 2027. He suggests that by 2027, the human race will be extinct.

As followers scroll through his TikToks, they’ll see a journey of videos with no other humans present, which gives his content a weird yet mysterious feel. But of course, several people are not sold by his supposed time travel and many think that he may be off his rocker. 

Users were quick to discredit Javier’s claims. “If he’s posting then he’s in our present time,” wrote one user. “That and advertisements and signs would look different……and clothes in stores lol!” 

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This is not the first time a TikTok time traveler has trended on the social app.

Like we always say, there is a whole lot of crazy that continues to go around. And while Javier may be a hot topic right now because of his beliefs, he’s not the only creator to claim that he is a time traveler. 

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If you remember, 2028man, who claimed he was from 2028, predicted Joe Biden would win the presidency. However, he eventually deleted his account. And while many of us are relieved that President Joe Biden is our commander-in-chief, that fact alone doesn’t make 2028man a time traveler.

And of course, another user who goes by the name of 2029man is now sharing his pop culture predictions on his account. After all, many people utilize social media to build their own celebrity, and it’s safe to say that these time travelers have that same idea in mind.

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Sure, sometimes there is no explanation for certain things that may take place in the world, but that doesn’t mean that time traveling is a thing, seriously. However, if you’re deep in the land of curiosity, take a scroll through Javier’s page to see what his beliefs are all about.